How do I get rid of the sample text warning message?

If you do not customize the sample text on the card(s) in your mailing, you will end up seeing this warning message: “Please go back and edit the sample text on your card(s) before proceeding.”

Customizing your design

ITo select a design from our collection, choose a category from our home page. You can browse all of our designs, or narrow your search by using filters. You can hover over each design variation to see a preview. Click Customize to get started.

Using your own artwork or photo

We have a number of single and double-sided Upload Your Own cards that you can use for your custom artwork.
If you are looking to upload two-sided artwork, we also have templates for Two-Sided Tall, Two-Sided Horizontal, and Two-Sided Square cards.

How do I delete or add an envelope or envelope liner?

To add or remove an envelope:
Use the arrow on your Customize page to pull up the envelope image.
Click the Other options menu
Choose + Envelope to add an envelope, or Delete this envelope to remov


Can I copy and paste a list of emails into my Add Guests delivery page?

You can copy and paste a list of names and emails to create your guest list for sending! On your Add Guests delivery page, click on the Email List link to get started.
Here is some information about our available formats that are acceptable:

How do I use mailing lists?

When you send your card, all of your recipients are automatically saved into your Address Book and are organized into lists with names that correspond with the event they were sent with. These lists are under “Past Lists”, so that you can use them again in the future.

Can I upload a spreadsheet of contacts to create my guest list?

Please note that non-English characters and symbols cannot be used in contact names. The following is a list of supported characters: English letters A-Z & Numbers, underscore ( _ ), space, period (.), ampersand (&), apostrophe ( ‘ ), hyphen ( – ), comma ( , ). After you add your guests with either of these options, your Add Guests delivery page

How many recipients can I send my card to?

Any card that is free to send can be sent to up to 2,000 recipients. A card that has premium options added can be sent to a maximum of 15,000 recipients.
(Once you have reached either of these limits, removing recipients from your Tracking page will not allow you to send to additional addresses on the same event.)


What is Paperless Post Flyer?

As guests RSVP on your Flyer, you can keep track of your expected turnout. Plus, you can ask guests to distinguish between adult and kids in their RSVP. Something to note, Flyer has limited tracking compared to our traditional card product.

How to upload my media?

We suggest sizing your image between 1200×1200 pixels – 1575×1575 pixels for the best display on your Flyer. While you cannot crop the image in the tool, you can adjust the placement by dragging the image within the display.

How does Flyer work?

Flyer allows you to create an event page that can be shared with guests directly from the host using personal email, SMS or messaging app, and/or social media.
To start, you can select from available images and gifs in each Vibe, or upload your own image or .gif to the page and edit any image text (and effects).

Why did my GIF stop animating?

If you cropped the gif after uploading it to the Flyer, then it will remove the animation from the file. Please do not crop or edit the gif files to keep the animation. Also, don’t use the shortened links from Giphy or similar sites—use the full image link if possible.